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How We Choose Our Products

Quite often we get asked how we choose the products we feature on our site. The answer is quite simple. We used our safety backgrounds to pick what we feel are the best safety products available to meet a particular need. There are alternatives to a number of the items we feature, and while we could sell a whole selection of items for each need, we feel it's important to only sell the one we feel makes the most sense. In other words, we only sell the items we would purchase ourselves.

For example, there are a good deal of fire escape ladders out there, many less expensive. However, none except the QuickEscape are UL Approved. This is important when it comes to life safety. As is the fact that there are standoffs on every rung. This makes the ladder safer and easier to climb down. Many ladders are too narrow or just not sturdy enough. We'd purchase the QuickEscape and ResQladders ourselves. In fact, we did.

The same applies to the Lifeline AAA Roadkits and First Aid Kits. Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, we feel this are the best kits for your car, home or personal safety. AAA must feel this way as well as their name is on them right along with Lifeline. The softside carrying cases are durable and well designed and each car and first aid kit is well thought out to thouroughly serve the need it was created for. Take a look at the kits and their contents yourself. We think you'll agree. Quality items and a quality value. Thus why sell anything else.

Perhaps you have questions on one of the items we sell or would like to suggest an addition to the website or our array of products? We encourage you to contact with you input and promise to give it our full consideration. Regardless we really would like to hear your thoughts on what we do or your reactions to any of our products you've purchased. Please either click on the form below or email us at We look forward to hearing from you. Until then please think safe!

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