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Flame Stop III

Price: $34.95

A Class A rated pyrolitic fire retardant paint additive. Mixes into most water based paints, stains, coatings, etc.
Flame Stop III is a pyrolitic fire retardant paint additive which prevents the spread of flame by developing a self-extinguishing reaction. The product mixes into most water-based paints, stains, sealers, etc. Sold in pint bottles. Once mixed the product assumes the characteristics of the paint. Storage life of one year. One pint per gallon of paint. Class A one coat system with a O Flamespread and 0 smoke developed.


Sold by the Pint Flame Stop III has been tested to the following standards: ASTM E-84, NFPA 255, UL 723: U.S. Testing #LA 62142, Omega Point Laboratories #8746-101530 CA Reg #C-14401. Tested by U.S. Testing Company, Omega Point Laboratories. Keep your home or business safe and valuables from burning. This product will not alter the structural integrity of wood and provides excellent resistance to insects, rodents and mold. Sold and priced per pint (larger sizes available by special order)

Flamestop Fire protective coatings are pyrolitic and intumescent paint formulations that prevent flame from spreading by developing a self-extinguishing reaction. Since Flamestop products are mostly penetrants, they will actually become part of the substrate and bond to its molecular structure where most FR coatings can and will eventually deteriorate. Our flame retardant and fireproofing products are economical to apply because they only require one application incorporating low pressure spraying equipment in comparison with most flame retardant fireproofing chemicals and fireproof paint that require 2 or 3 applications with high-pressure spraying equipment. Flamestop � Fire retardants are user friendly this is why they are shipped ready to use.


Check out these other great Flame Stop Products Carried by Safety Think:

- Flame Stop I: For Draperies, wallpaper, carpet, furniture, decorative woods, paper, straw, most synthetics, acoustical ceilings, inoor items, etc.

- Flame Stop I-C: For fabrics with at least 25% natural fiber, drapes, bedding, carpets and wallcoverings, silk

- Flame Stop I-D: For open cell foams, Airline Fabrics, Foam Rubber

- Flame Stop I-DS; For open and closed cell foams, synthetic fabrics, plastics, hay barriers, thatching, bamboo, tough to penetrate materials (most concetrated product)

- Flame Stop II: Class A Rated! For Exterior/Interior Wood, exterior porous cellotic materials such as wood joicing, studs, wood shingles, stage drops, hay barriers

- Flame Stop II-A: Class A Rated! For use on veneer woods, plastics, vinyl, formica, where satin finish is required.

- Flame Stop III: Class A Rated! An additive used for latex based paints, stains and coatings

- Flame Stop IV: Live or cut trees such as Christmas trees

- Flame Stop V: Intumescent Firestop caulking or putty

While not all items are on the web site, all are available. Please call for pricing.


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